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Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Hamilton Elementary Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Hamilton Elementary is committed to the safety of our students and families. This is why we have clear, set procedures during our arrival and dismissal times each day. Please become familiar with our traffic patterns, drop areas, and expectations below. If you have any questions, please ask one of our staff members on duty or call into the office.

Morning Arrival 8:40-8:50
For arrival and dismissal, we utilize both front parking lots. In the morning, parents choosing to drop students without parking may pull through the large oval. Staff will assist students, and those students will enter through the main entrance by the office. Parents choosing to park and walk their students will use the second lot, park, and walk their students to the sidewalk in front of the gym doors. No students should be dropped in this parking lot. Students arriving after 8:50 are considered tardy and must be signed in by and adult in the main office. Do not drop students before 8:40, as there is no adult supervision until that time.

Afternoon Dismissal 3:25-3:40
Each afternoon, students being picked up by car will be called out as parents arrive. Those choosing to remain in their cars will use the oval loop where staff will assist students getting to their vehicles. Parents choosing to park and walk up will gather in the loading zone near the gym doors. Students will be called out to meet their parents starting at 3:25. For both areas:

  1. Do not arrive before 3:15. Dismissal begins at 3:25 each afternoon. Early arrival adds additional traffic, slows parents during dismissal from other buildings, and delays our scheduled bus routes. 
  2. Have your Gold Card displaying your student's name. This allows us to call students out efficiently. Those without a Gold Card will be required to park, visit the office with their photo ID, and must be on the authorized pick up list. 
  3. Drive slowly, follow the flow of traffic, and be patient. With our youngest students coming and going, all adults should keep safety at the forefront of their minds. 

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