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District Lunch Menus

District Lunch Prices

Daily Lunch prices for the 2023-2024' school year are as follows: 

Hamilton Township High School


Hamilton Middle School


Hamilton Intermediate School


Hamilton Elementary School


*A-la-carte lunch options are available in HTHS, HMS, and HIS at variable costs. Breakfast will still be free for all buildings. *

To apply for free and reduced lunch, please visit TitanK12 at this link:

Meal Debt Procedures

District Meal Debt Procedures:
  • No current debt: Cashier quietly informs student of insufficient funds and gives him/her a slip of paper to take home with the amount owed ("form" slip will be provided to cashiers).
  • Every time a student has insufficient funds to purchase lunch, the student will be quietly reminded of the debt and an additional slip will be provided with the current debt.
  • If a student reaches a total debt equal to three lunches (different debt amounts for each building), the student still receives a slip, and an additional Free and Reduced Lunch Application, but the cashier then reports this to the head cook.
    • If you are unsure whether you qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch or not, please view this form. If you do not believe you qualify, you can complete this form to opt out of the Free and Reduced Lunch Form: 2023-2024 IncomeEligibilityGuidelines.pdf
  • Upon notification of students with lunch debts, the parents will be notified of the debt and asked to make arrangements for the repayment of the debt. Failure to secure payment from the parents will result in the debt being added to the student's fees.
  • If a student accumulates a lunch debt of $25.00 or more, the assistant principal will contact Children's Service to report suspected neglect.

Monthly Lunch Menus(Click images to open PDF menus)

Free / Reduced Meals Application

We ask that all families complete and submit a Free / Reduced Meals Application at the beginning of each school year. This helps our district have the most accurate information when applying for grants and other federal programs that will benefit our students. 

To apply for free and reduced lunch, please visit TitanK12 at this link:

If you have any questions about the Free/Reduced Meals Application process, you can contact Ms. Lisa Way at 614-491-8044 ext. 1860 or you can email her directly as well.

Stakeholder Participation Note

Hamilton Local School District encourages stakeholders to participate in the development, review, updating and implementation of our Local School Wellness Policy. Interested parties should contact our Food / Nutrition Office at 614-491-8044 ext.1860 or email Ms. Lisa Way at [email protected].

Student Wellness Policy & Program

Our District has developed a Wellness Policy that is focused on improving the health of students.
District Student Wellness Plan - Updated December 2018
This is a copy of our district's wellness policy assessment that was completed in Feb. 2018.
Official district policy adopted by our Board of Education regarding Student Wellness Program.
Get detailed Food and Beverage Guidelines from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation program.
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