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HLS English Learner

George Carlin Quote -- Everybody Smiles
Emily Rucker, EL Coordinator & Teacher [[email protected]]
How do we best measure the success of our English Learner program? In smiles, of course. Our smiles show that we feel comfortable and that we want to do great things together. Our smiles ignore barriers and overcome bias. Our smiles unite. We continuously build our EL program so our students can follow their smiles with the ability to communicate their ideas and build meaningful relationships. Smiles are everywhere in our EL program and represent the success of our students' work with their EL teacher and one another.

HLS EL Program Mission

The Hamilton Local School District seeks to provide every child, regardless of national origin or native language, quality and meaningful educational instruction. Our mission is to provide English Learners with high-quality instruction in the English language to prepare them to succeed in all areas of school and society through collaboration, structured support, and authentic language learning, while placing value on the native language and culture of all students. Appropriate support, modifications and accommodations will be made in all classes, so that they may develop the English language skills necessary to successfully achieve academically and socially in the United States. Consequently, students who are English language learners (ELL) are provided instructional services through the Title III English as a Second language (ESL) program which is designed to meet their unique needs.
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