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Ranger Volleyball 2021 

Overall Record 19-3
League Record 12-2
Co-League Champions

  Player Honors 2021

                     Grace Green                    

  • 2021 MSL First Team
  • 2021 MSL Player of the Year
  • 2021 1st Team Central District Division
  • 2021 Central District Player of the Year
  • 2020 2nd Team Central District Division 
  • 2020 1st Team Mid-State League 
  • National Honor Society
  • 2019 2nd Team Central District Division 
  • 2019 1st Team Mid-State League
                       Bri Jackson              
  • 2021 1st Taem Mid-State League
  • 2021 2nd Team Central District 
  • 2020 Mid-State League Honorable Mention

                   Ashley Kefauver                  

  • 2021 2nd Team Mid-State League
  • 2021 Honorable Mention Central District
  • 2020 2nd Team Mid-State League
  • 2020 Honorable Mention Central District
  • 2019 Mid-State League Academic Award
    Ayonnie Bonte  

Mid State League Honorable Mention

  Volleyball Downloads    

Click the links below to download documents.

Good luck to Sarah Sue Morbitzer as she continues her volleyball career at The Ohio State University! 
Good luck to Kaylee Garren as she continues her volleyball career at Ohio Christian University! 
     Individual Honors     
Click the link below to see individual player and coach honors from previous seasons.
       Ranger 1,000 Club        

Bri Jackson: 1,584 Assists
Grace Green: 1,142 Kills
Sarah Morbitzer: 1,279 Kills 
Sarah Morbitzer: 1,177 Digs 
Sarah Morbitzer: 2,029 Assists
Nikkie White: 1,357 Kills 
Rachel Ralston:  1,023 Assists 
Tabitha Holley:  2,060 Assists 
      Volleyball Records       

The season records are based on the Ranger volleyball seasons dating back to 2006.  If you are aware of a previous player with statistics that are higher than those listed above, please contact Coach Katie Forrest
Sarah Morbitzer
602 Kills (2019)
Nikkie White
1,357 Kills
Briana Jackson
754 Assists (2021)
Tabitha Holley
2,060 Assists 
Sarah Morbitzer
84 Aces (2018)
Sarah Morbitzer
322 Aces
Nikkie White
108 Blocks (2015)  
Nikkie White
341 Blocks
   Volleyball Statistics     

Click the links below to view Ranger volleyball stats.



Katie Forrest

Head Varsity Coach

Paige Penrod

Assistant Varsity Coach

Chelsea Sinder
JV Coach

Madeline Platfoot
Middle School Coach

Hayden Ellis
Middle School Coach

Tabitha Benton
6th Grade Coach






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