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Credit Flexibility
If you represent an Ohio school district that would like additional information about our credit flexibility implementation and procedures, please contact Michael Morbitzer at 614-491-3330 or [email protected].
Credit Flexibility at HTHS
Teachers, counselors, and administrators at Hamilton Township High School are excited to give students the opportunity to show what they know and that they are ready to move on to higher order content by learning in ways that are not limited solely to seat time in our high school building.

Ohio Senate Bill 311 allows our students to earn credit in the following ways.

Option A: Complete coursework as has been done in the past

Option B: Test out or otherwise show mastery of course content

Option C: Pursue an educational option such as senior project, distance learning, postsecondary coursework, internship, service learning, or research based project.

A terrific aspect of the credit flexibility plan is that it acknowledges that students learn at different rates while responding differently to varying instructional strategies.  Credit flexibility allows students to demonstrate their understanding and skills according to their unique learning styles and experiences.

At Hamilton Township High School, students will work with parents and guardians, teachers, counselors, and administrators to determine which courses would be best for each student.

Find additional information about Ohio's Credit Flexibility plan

The Effect of Credit Flexibility at HTHS
Overall, credit flexibility has not dramatically changed our daily operations.  We see it as an amazing opportunity to provide some of our students exactly what they need.  We serve our students best when we can accelerate their learning.  Offering challenging ways for them to demonstrate their skills and abilities ensures that we are serving their needs.  Students will always need teachers; the deeper reality is that we now are recognizing exactly how we are needed.
Credit Flexibility Cost
Option C allows a student to propose and plan a project that demonstrates mastery of course content and skills.  If, during the project, a student decides to devote attention to any event, resource, equipment, or material that has a financial cost above and beyond the normal financial responsibility of Hamilton Local Schools, the student and the student's parent or guardian will accept the cost. 

For more information about who pays for credit flexibility, download the files "Who Pays?" and "Credit Flex Cost Flowchart" located in the "Credit Flexibility Forms and Documents" section at the right of this page.

The coordinating teacher or department will make the final evaluation for each student's Option C project.
Who is the teacher of record for a credit flexibility course?

The teacher of record for a student who qualifies for our test out (B) or portfolio (C) options shall be the teacher who otherwise would be assigned the student had no credit flexibility option been available.

Guidance counselors shall generate a schedule for the student in the same manner as had the student been new to the building and following the traditional Option A route.  The teacher assigned on that schedule is then responsible for being the teacher of record while departments would still work as teams to develop standards criteria for credit flexibility and create the assessments.

Departments are encouraged to work together as teams to evaluate Option B and Option C efforts, yet the teacher of record ultimately shall be responsible for evaluating Option B and Option C progress and product.  However, in the event that another highly qualified teacher in the content area volunteers to assume full teacher of record responsibility, the student may be reassigned to the volunteering teacher.

Credit Flexibility Summary
Option C Interactive PDF
Interactive PDF
This is an interactive form that students may use to submit proposals if they choose "Option C" in the credit flexibility program. Download the form, fill in the spaces, save, then attach to an email to [email protected] SUBJECT: Your Name, Option C. [The form needs an Adobe product greater than 6.0. Do not open it in "Preview." Download updated Adobe Readers at www.adobe.com.]
Who Pays?
Who Pays?
This document answers many questions about who pays for credit flexibility Options B and C.
Credit Flex Cost Flowchart
Credit Flex Fee Flowchart
Option B Refusal of Earned Credit
Option B Refusal of Earned Credit
HTHS Lang Arts 11th & 12th Grade Option B Standards
Click to download
Oct 2009 Credit Flexibility Professional Development
Oct 2009 Staff Credit Flexibility Professional Development
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