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National Honor Society

NHS New Inductees

We are welcoming 16 new members into Hamilton Township High School's chapter of the National Honor Society this fall. This particular induction takes the place of what should have been a spring ceremony. 

To be inducted into the National Honor Society is more than just achieving a certain GPA. One must also embody the characteristics of an effective leader, whether that be in the classroom, or on the field or court or stage, or just in life in general. Beyond being a leader, students must demonstrate the good moral fiber of being dedicated to serving others at no personal gain for themselves. All of this factors into what is arguably the most important of the pillars: character. To be a member of the National Honor Society, one must be good. We unfortunately are living in a time where there is much social unrest, and it is easy to be angry and intolerant of others. National Honor Society members should be dedicated to fighting against intolerance as well as being dedicated to doing what is right, no matter how hard or unpopular it may be. They should serve as examples of kindness, humanity, and goodwill.

This year's new members are:

Kobe Allen
Kieran Blinn
Erica Bush
Paige Dalton
Lauryn Fegan
Emma Ferrell
Grace Green
Keara Holt
Sophie Hurley
Madelynn Keller
Jonna Lutz
Ella Nichols
Hannah Tabor
Muhammad Usman
Jourdan Woltz
Halaya Woodson


Class of 2015 - Doing BIG Things!

Brooklyn Abram - Marshall University
Eliza Ansar - The Ohio State University
Alisa Askew - Ohio University
Kristen Bishop - Northern Kentucky University
Colleen Fitzsimmons - The Ohio State University
Mijewell Gabriel - Otterbein University
Courtney Guyer - Capital University
Katheryn Mason - Bowling Green State University
Michael Maupin - The Ohio State University
Bailey Moore - Cedarville University
Micaela Powell - The Ohio State University
Danielle Rodriguez - Capital University
Danielle Shaw - Otterbein University
Ben Sipe - The Ohio State University
Devyn Stevens - The Ohio State University
Kerstin Stevens - Columbus State Community College
Josh Sweet - Wright State University
Maegan Watkins - Columbus State Community College
Joe Wood - Kent State University

Thank you for visiting the online home of the Hamilton Township High School National Honor Society. Here you will find details on what it takes to become a member of this exclusive student organization.

To be academically eligible for consideration for membership in the Hamilton Township High School National Honor Society a student must be a sophomore or junior and must meet or exceed a cumulative GPA of 3.250 on a 4.000 scale.

This is the first step in the selection procedures. In late February/early March, the eligible student will be asked to submit additional information (by a deadline at the end of March) for consideration by the chapter’s Faculty Council, which will carefully review his or her credentials.

In addition to the Scholarship standard, membership in NHS is also based on standards of Leadership, Service, and Character. To be selected as a member of NHS, the student must demonstrate on his or her Candidate Form and through the evaluations submitted by the faculty that he or she has met or exceeded these additional standards.


If a student is selected to be a member of National Honor Society he or she will be notified during the Tap Ceremony at school in April during advisory period. Following notification at the Tap Ceremony, there will be an evening ceremony in early May for these students and their parents.

If you have any questions regarding NHS or the selection process, you can contact Mrs. Heaton at [email protected].

Current HTHSNHS Members

President Paige Dalton
Vice President Keara Holt
Secretary Halaya Woodson
Treasurer Sophie Hurley
Erin Bernthold
Hannah Costello
Shelby Deible
Emma Ferrell
Grace Green
Parker Holland
Alisia Juanchi
Madelynn Keller
Caleb Longwell
Jonna Lutz
Mallory Mumaw
Ella Nichols
Da'Miah Sanford
Hannah Tabor
Halaya Woodson
Isabelle Caplinger
Logan Caplinger
Brenden DeLong
Lannie Hunt
Michaela Isbell
Lilly Kasprzak
Ashley Kefauver
Jessie Larimer
Kylan Ludwick
Frankie Madosky
Mariam Najeeb
Karli Neff
Ziann Payne
Trent Renz
Hannah Sandlin
Mallie Steele
Sarah Sweet
Skyla White
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