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Office of Operations and Safety

Office of Operations and Safety

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Director of Operations and Safety
Desk: 614-491-8044 ext. 1255
Fax: 614-491-8323

Mr. Fitzgerald began his service as our district’s Director of Operations and Safety in August 2022. He is responsible for directing our district's safety protocols, property operations and maintenance, and transportation department. 

Director of Operations is responsible for the following:

Building Operations - A school district's building operations range from basic building cleanliness to installation of new technology. Everything you see in a school building, outside of the curriculum being taught to our students, reflect and result from building operations.

Campus and Athletic Grounds - Our district has two beautiful campuses (our high school campus and our combined campus that features Hamilton Preschool, Hamilton Elementary School, Hamilton Intermediate School, Hamilton Middle School, Hamilton Alternative Academy, and the Hamilton Local Schools Education Center) and our Director of Operations oversees the maintenance of those grounds to reflect the pride we have in our schools and community.

Maintenance - Our new facilities all have state-of-the-art HVAC controls, electrical and lighting systems, security systems including CCTV, food service appliances and sound systems. Our maintenance staff manages these technologically advanced systems as well as our older Education Center facility.

Transportation - Our Transportation Department features 15 buses that do a three tier schedule twice a day and three buses that run a single tier in district twice per day and a two tier schedule outside of district twice per day. The district transports over 1,800 students daily. We also have six spare buses, two shuttle buses, as well as two mini-buses for use when a small capacity is needed.

Construction/Renovations - As the district evolves, there will be times that construction or renovations are necessary to keep up with enrollment growth or other facility usage needs. When that occurs, our Director of Operations will work regularly with contractors on the necessary jobs that need to be completed in order for our district to provide the best education possible to our students.

Classified Staff - (bus drivers, custodians, educational aides, secretaries and substitute employees) – Our classified employees are out in the community as bus drivers, or in and around the buildings as custodians, maintenance, secretaries, educational aides and substitute employees. These employees have jobs that are critical to smooth district operations.

Health and Safety - We are concerned with the safety of all students, employees and members of the school community present on District property and at all District-sponsored events at other sites. The Board directs the administration to develop a safety program which is reviewed on an annual basis.

Food Services - Our new buildings feature four beautiful new kitchens with a technology driven payment system that will allow parents to pay for their child's lunch in the comfort of their own home.
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