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HTHS Mural

Remember, Respect, Reach, and Rise
In August of 2009, Hamilton Local Schools opened the doors of the new Hamilton Township High School to welcome a proud, supportive community into a building that is wonderfully reminiscent of our beloved 1939 building.
Visitors then and now marvel at a magnificent mural that celebrates the tradition and beauty of our township's communities and the pride in being a Hamilton Township Ranger.
Remember, Respect, Reach, and Rise, our mural is an important reminder to our current students of the those Rangers who came before them and an inspiration for our students to continue their legacies of reaching higher and rising to extraordinary heights. 

Mural Installation Time Lapse Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Who painted the mural?
The HTHS mural was painted by Allan Bender of Blinc Studios in Toronto, Ontario. Among Blinc Studios' clients are O'Charley's restaurants (including the Canal Winchester location), Pepsi, Ripley's, and Whole Foods. You can see examples of Blinc's other works at their website.

How large is the mural?
The work measures 53' by 8' and is fixed to a concave surface.

How long did it take to plan and paint the mural?
The mural took two and a half years to plan and design while the painting process took about six weeks.

Was the mural painted in the HT dining area?
No, the mural was painted in Allan Bender's Blinc Studio in Toronto, shipped to HTHS, then installed by Mr. Bender in about forty-five minutes on June 25, 2009.

Who are the students who are depicted in the mural?
While Hamilton Township High students served as models for the students in the mural during the drafting process, their faces were morphed so our current and future students realize that the work is not a tribute to specific students around the time of the mural's development, but rather a victorious celebration of the Ranger spirit. The student models wonderfully communicated the exuberance and energy of Ranger students and township residents. Depictions of HTHS students prior to the time period of the mural's drafting process, including George Cole, Frank Peters, and Ron Herron, are quite similar to the photographs used for reference during the drafting process. All three pictures were selected by various committees for inclusion in the mural. 
Is our state championship baseball team represented on the mural?
HTHS is fortunate to have two particularly successful baseball teams in its history. Both the state championship and state runner-up teams are represented by a single trophy that the artist chose between the two available trophies, as this rounded runner-up trophy fit the particular place in the composition better than the squarish perspective of the other trophy. Interestingly, the trophy in the mural includes the words "track and field," just like the original trophy. We are extremely proud of both baseball teams and appreciate the discussion the trophy causes.
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