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HTHS Attendance Intervention Guidelines

HTHS Attendance Intervention Meeting Guidelines

Good attendance is a top priority for all of us at Hamilton Local Schools and we know that there are many interactions which take place between our teachers and students that cannot be made up when a child is absent. We recognize that our families understand the importance of their child’s education but may face barriers when it comes to regular attendance.

Ohio law specifies that a student is Excessively Absent when excused and unexcused absences reach 38 or more hours in one school month or 65 or more hours in a school yearHabitually Truant hours include only unexcused hours and the law specifies three thresholds: 30 consecutive unexcused hours; 42 unexcused hours within a month and/or 72 total unexcused hours within a year. Please note that any absences with a medical excuse are removed from these categories.


When a student is excessively absent, we are committed to helping him/her get back on track. We ask families to support us by ensuring their child attends school regularly. If your child must be absent, please report absences to the office by calling The Attendance Hotline. For any missed days due to medical reasons, please provide the appropriate medical documentation to the school as soon as possible. If a truancy threshold is reached in the future a staff member will call to schedule an attendance intervention meeting with you.

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