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HTHS Attendance Intervention Guidelines

HTHS Attendance Intervention Meeting Guidelines

In the event that a student reaches one of the below thresholds, their advisory teacher will be notified via email from our attendance secretary (Mrs. Kirk). An intervention meeting (google meets encouraged) with the family will need to be held and an Absence Intervention Plan created within 14 days from being notified.

Steps to take when a student meets one of the attendance thresholds:

1. Absence intervention and intervention team created in Progress Book by attendance secretary.

2. Advisory teacher notified via email of attendance threshold and current hours absent.

a. Advisory teacher makes and documents in Progress Book three contact attempts to set intervention meeting with parent/guardian. See instructions here: HTHSAddingParentContacts.pdf

b. In the event that no contact is made, the advisory teacher will seek assistance from Mr. Sutherland (Freshmen), Mr. McDuffie (Sophomores), Ms. Price/Mr. O’Hearn (Juniors) Ms. Price/Dr. Conley (Seniors) to make final attempts to set a meeting date/time/location.

3. Teacher creates Absence Intervention Plan in DataMap. See instructions here: HTHSAttendanceDataMapDirections.pdf

4. Meeting participants: Advisory teacher, parent/guardian, student, district rep. (Sutherland-Freshmen, McDuffie-Sophomores, Price/O’Hearn-Juniors, Conley/Price-Seniors)

5. If parent/guardian fails to respond or meet regarding attendance, intervention meeting is still required with remaining members.

6. Parents/guardians offered a copy of the student handbook.

7. Absence Intervention Plan form completed in DataMap when digitally signed by parent/guardian at conclusion of the meeting.

8. After the meeting is completed, date and attendee information entered into Attendance Intervention Referrals by district rep. 

Attendance thresholds based on State of Ohio truancy/attendance laws:

Excessive Absences - Absence Hours (Non-medically excused & unexcused):

• 38 hours with non-medical or without legitimate excuse in one month

• 65 hours with non-medical or without legitimate excuse within one year

Habitual Truancy - Unexcused Absence Hours

• 30 consecutive hours of absences without excuse

• 42 hours of absences within one month without excuse, or

• 72 hours of unexcused absences within one year.

***Mrs. Kirk will notify staff every Wednesday when students reach 50 unexcused hours. A meeting must occur within 14 days.***

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