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Hamilton Local School District News Article

History Series: Teachers Salaries & Duties from 1894-1938

by Linda Dillman
Hamilton Township Alumni Association

Duties of Teachers (as mandated by the Hamilton Township Board of Education circa 1894)

The teacher shall make themselves acquainted with the rules and regulations of the board; observe and enforce the same; devote their time faithfully to the instruction of their pupils; watch over their morals, manners and habits; and repress any improper speech and conduct.

Teachers shall not permit agents of books, lectures or shows to occupy their time or interfere with the work of the school during any session.

Teachers shall have immediate care of the rooms, pay particular attention to the ventilation of the same—68 degrees to 72 degrees Fahrenheit being the proper temperature in winter. They shall be responsible for all school furniture and apparatus belonging to their respective rooms.

They are allowed to resort to the following modes of punishment: Reproof properly and kindly administered, in private or before the school according to the nature of the offense; deprivation of privileges; restraint and when other means have failed, corporal punishment. In no case shall a pupil be punished on the hands or head.

Teachers are required to be at their school room at least 20 minutes before the time appointed for opening school and shall be punctual in observing the hour of commencing and dismissing.

They shall carefully follow the course of instruction prescribed by the board.
At the close of each term, teachers shall make a written report to the principal showing the progress, deportment and such other matter as he may require.
In 1866, teachers were paid an average salary of $40 per month. In the 1880s, it jumped to $45 and in 1902, the salary was $357 for eight and a half months of work. A teacher could graduate from high school in May and begin teaching that fall. Maude Jeffries graduated from the Lockbourne High School on May 12, 1905 and on May 19 was hired to teach in the Sawyer School (District No. 1).
In 1931, due to the scarcity of jobs for men during the “Great Depression,” the board voted to discontinue the employment of married women as teachers. The policy was later amended to read that all replacement teachers be unmarried, but any female teacher already employed satisfactorily would be re-employed.
All salaries were reduced in 1932. Elementary teachers received $90 per month and high school teachers were paid $120 for the same period. High school principals received $165 a month and elementary principals were paid $125 to $135 per month. The rule was discontinued in 1936.
In 1938, salaries increased to $117 for elementary instructors, $145 for high school teachers, elementary principals received $125 to $150 and high school principals were paid $190 a month.

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