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Mrs. Moore's Class

Dear Sixth Grade Students and Parents,  

Welcome to the House 6-1 website for math! I am happy to be your teacher this year! This will be an interesting year for ALL of us, but we WILL get through it together! :) We will be relying on Google Classroom to complete our lessons and work, which will also go through Edcite and/or other sites, as well Progressbook for our grade and Class Dojo for communication along with email. PLEASE be sure to read directions this year, more than ever! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Mrs. Moore

Topics For Assessments (*some topics are linked):
Quarter 1
  • Ratios
  • Ratio Representations - ratio tables
  • Unit Rate and Unit Price
  • Conversions
  • Integers
  • Setting up a number line to solve integer problems, finding what 0 represents in a situation
  • Graphing - Plotting points, identifying quadrants, distance between points, reflections across an axis
  • Decimal Operations
Quarter 2
  • Decimal Operations from word problems
  • Fraction multiplication/division
  • Exponents - bases of whole numbers, fractions, decimals
  • Order of Operations (PEMDAS)
  • Properties (Associative, Commutative, Distributive)
  • Writing expressions and equations
  • Solving expressions and equations
  • Solving/graphing inequalities
  • Solving and graphing function tables
  • Combining Like Terms
Quarter 3
  • Conversions - percents, decimals, fractions
  • Percents of a number - finding whole, part, percent
  • Factor trees/prime factorization
  • GCF, LCM
  • Statistical data - mean, median, mode, range, mean absolute deviation, how outliers affect the mean of data
  • Statistical data graphs - dot plots, box plots, frequency tables/histograms
  • Statistical questions 
  • Perimeter of 2D shapes
  • Area of squares, rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, regular polygons; finding missing sides of those 
  • Plotting shapes in the coordinate grid 
Quarter 4 

Class Links

  • Students will receive an invite to google classroom through their email. Reminder:

    • Student’s email with a graduation year of

    • Password is the student ID # with 00 at the end

Class Links

Website Links For Home!

MATH Specific Helpful Websites for Home
**Great site with videos on just about any topic! If you google most topics, Khan Academy comes up easily as well, or you can do the search function here to find information!  


Prodigy Math 
This site will have some assignments for class and allows you to play! 

This site is what we will use to practice math fact fluency. You will use my email address, [email protected] and then your first name & last initial and the pin number I gave you in September and had you write down. 
This site provides multiple games where students will practice recalling their basic multiplication problems. Click multiplication from there - top left, 1st box. Some games have more multiplication involved than others - my favorites are: Road Rally and Diaper Derby. For games where you can choose specific numbers to practice facts for (ex. 4's, or 6's and 8's) I recommend Sketch's World, Beach Rush, and Fish Shop.
This site allows you to choose games relevant to individual topics. Note that some games have more math involved while others work on spatial awareness, etc. Be sure to carefully choose a game to your topic. Helpful resources on that page, too. 
Helps students play a game to work on recognizing what factors a number has.  
This site provides videos and tutorials for each of our 6th grade math standards. :) 
This website follows the updated curriculum and offers games that correlate to these new standards.
Click on 6thCCSS Math Resources and the topic desired to bring up activities that match.
Reviews important math vocabulary for 6th grade.
More math definitions and practice.
Students have a login for this.This site allows them to work on basic skills at their level and speed. The program will immediately move them on once they master a skill.
Games that help students understand basic math facts.
Homework help, games, and practice problems.

More Websites For Home: 


Maybe not math, but still great practice for the kids at home! The students have been using this at school in the computer lab and should be practicing at home as well. They all know how to log in with their number first name last name and then their password is their lunch number/student id.
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