District Announcements - Updated Apr. 14, 2021
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Mrs. Murray - 6th Grade Math
Welcome to Mrs. Murray's 6th grade math class!   
HOMEWORK POLICY - We have a school wide Homework Policy.  
All homework is expected to be turned in the day it is due. 
If the assignment is ONE or MORE DAYS LATE, no credit will be earned.  The assignment is still expected to be turned in.

ABSENCES - It is your child’s responsibility to ask the teacher for any missing work.  If your child is absent from school for ONE DAY, your child will be permitted to have ONE EXTRA DAY to make-up the work. If your child was absent for TWO DAYS, he/she will be permitted TWO EXTRA DAYS to complete the work. Your child will be permitted the same amount of days to complete the missing assignments as your child was absent.
Topics For CBA's (*all topics can show up on CBA's after them):
CBA #1
  • Ratios
  • Ratio Representations - ratio tables
  • Unit Rate and Unit Price
  • Conversions
  • Integers
  • Setting up a number line to solve integer problems, finding what 0 represents in a situation
  • Graphing - Plotting points, identifying quadrants, distance between points, reflections across an axis
  • Decimal Operations
CBA #2 
  • Decimal Operations from word problems
  • Fraction multiplication/division
  • Exponents - bases of whole numbers, fractions, decimals
  • Order of Operations (PEMDAS)
  • Properties (Associative, Commutative, Distributive)
  • Writing expressions and equations
  • Solving expressions and equations
  • Solving/graphing inequalities
  • Solving and graphing function tables
  • Combining Like Terms
CBA #3
  • Conversions - percents, decimals, fractions
  • Percents of a number - finding whole, part, percent
  • Factor trees/prime factorization
  • GCF, LCM
  • Statistical data - mean, median, mode, range, mean absolute deviation, how outliers affect the mean of data
  • Statistical data graphs - dot plots, box plots, frequency tables/histograms
  • Statistical questions 
CBA #4

*Remember, CBA's are a cumulative assessment - anything from the year can show up on them. 

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