District Announcements - Updated Apr. 14, 2021
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775 Rathmell Road
Columbus, Ohio 43207
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HMS Focus Plans
Language Arts--Grades 7 & 8
Focus 1
Improve student performance on extended response answers, with a focus on writing claims, identifying evidence, generating a warrant and concluding sentences.
Focus 2
Improve student performance on daily vocabulary development.
Focus 3
Increase student comprehension of informational text passages.
Math--Grade 7
Focus 1
Improve ability to identity appropriate problem solving strategies and persevere in solving them.
Focus 2
Students will improve their ability to solve real world and mathematical problems involving the four operations with rational numbers.
Focus 3
Students will increase their ability to use proportional relationships to solve multistep ratio and percent problems
Math--Grade 8
Focus 1
Improve ability to identify appropriate problem solving strategies and persevere in solving them.
Focus 2
Improve the ability to solve problems using Pythagorean Theorem.
Focus 3
Increase the ability to make connections between proportional relationships, lines, linear equations and functions.
Science--Grade 7
Focus 1
Improve students" understanding of energy.
Focus 2
Increase student's testing vocabulary such as assess, evaluate, infer.
Focus 3
Increase points scored on written response questions.
Science--Grade 8
Focus 1
Improve the quality of extended response answers, making an emphasis on the students answering all parts of the question.
Focus 2
Improve the students’ performance on material associated with the the 8th grade science standard, “Earth’s crust consists of major and minor tectonic plates that move relative to each other.”
Focus 3
Improve student performance on questions that require data analysis and or interpretation.
Social Studies--Grade 8
Focus 1
Improve overall understanding of basic systems of government with an emphasis on federalism and the 3 branches.
Focus 2
Improve the understanding of early colonial conflict and the causes of the American Revolution.
Focus 3
Improve the quality of constructed responses with a focus on content specific vocabulary and details.
Social Studies--World History Grade 8
Focus 1
Improve overall understanding of the enduring impact of Greece and Roman on later civilizations.
Focus 2
Improve understanding of geographic factors that promote or impede the movement of people, products and ideas.
Focus 3
Improve the quality of instructed responses with the focus on content-specific vocabulary.
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