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Mrs. Thompson's Class
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Welcome to Mrs. Thompson's website!
In 6th Grade Social Studies we will travel the world! Look out for updates and information coming your way.

AGENDA BOOK - All homework is expected to be turned in when it is due.
  • However, if your child forgets to turn in the homework assignment, he/she can turn it in the following day for FULL CREDIT.
  • If your child turns in the assignment TWO DAYS LATE, he/she will earn HALF CREDIT.
  • If the assignment is THREE or MORE DAYS LATE, no credit will be earned. The assignment is still expected to be turned in.

ABSENCES - It is your child’s responsibility to ask the teacher for any missing work. If your child is absent from school for ONE DAY, your child will be permitted to have ONE EXTRA DAY to make-up the work. If your child was absent for TWO DAY, he/she will be permitted TWO EXTRA DAYS to complete the work. Your child will be permitted the same amount of days to complete the missing assignments as your child was absent.

Every child was provided an Agenda Book at the beginning of the school year. Your child is expected to have his/her Agenda Book with him/her for every class. The purpose of the Agenda Book is to help your child remember what assignments to do for homework and when the assignments are to be completed.

Class time is provided for your child to complete his/her Agenda Book every day. It is your child’s responsibility to write the assignments in the Agenda Book. You should check your child’s Agenda Book every evening to make sure your child has completed the assignments. Please ask your child to see the assignments to make sure your child completed the work. Also have your child “tell you” about what he/she learned in class that day. 

HOMEWORK POLICY - We have a school wide Homework Policy.


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Download This Podcast

Download This Podcast
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Project directions and description of all the assignments.
Project directions and description of all the assignments.
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