Welcome to Mr. Kuenzli's Biology I Website

Welcome to a new school year at Hamilton Township High School and to Biology! I want you to feel comfortable participating and learning in my classroom, and I will nurture an atmosphere to accomplish this. You will soon learn that I LOVE biology (especially birds!), and I hope that you will come to appreciate nature with me. We’ll be learning in groups, doing projects, and approaching biology from every angle I can think of. It is my goal to “infect” you with the passion for biology (and science) that I have. In order for everyone to achieve these goals, I have provided the following information so that we can all have an exciting and successful year.

COURSE DESCRIPTION                                                                                                            

Biology is the study of living organisms with emphasis on processes, activities, interaction and changes that occur in microorganisms, plants, animals, and humans. Through laboratory investigations and other activities, you will master the 10thgrade Ohio Academic Content Standards for science including the characteristics of life, structure and function of cells, genetics, ecology, and biological evolution.

What is Science?
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