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HMS Egg Baby Project!
Mrs. Montgomery's class began their Egg Baby Project today! For the egg baby project, students are each assigned a hard boiled egg to take care of for 72 hours. In this project, they must complete a birth certificate for the egg with the name they chose for their egg. Once they are done with the birth certificate they create an egg baby seat to carry their egg around in for 72 hours, and then they must put a face on their egg to show personality.  

Unfortunately, one egg already cracked this morning. Check back this Thursday for updates on how the egg baby project ends!

UPDATE MARCH 31, 2023:

For the 72 hours the 8th grade students had their egg babies, their teachers helped by stamping papers, setting up daycare, and charging Ranger Bucks for students to put their eggs in daycare.  

Here are the final results of the Eggs:
Total Eggs handed out: 178
Total Eggs returned unharmed: 62
Shortest Egg Life: 7 minutes
Number of Fakes turned in (and caught): 3
Number of catastrophic casualties resulting in no egg to turn in: 10