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HLSD Purple Star District!
The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has informed Hamilton Local School District that Hamilton Middle School has received their designation as a Purple Star School, valid for three years, for their unwavering commitment to serving military-connected students and families. HMS joins the other district buildings in receiving this designation, making Hamilton Local School District a Purple Star District! 

Thank you to our students, families, and staff that support our district's military-connected families, and embrace the military history within our district. A special thank you to our Purple Star Committee for making this possible: 
Jan Strahm - Preschool
Sara Tadak - Elementary School
Nancy Archer - Elementary School 
Diane Starkey - Elementary School
Kelly Altiers - Intermediate School
Brittany Smith - Intermediate School
Jason Cryder- Intermediate School
Jeff Enders - Middle School
Cole Freshkorn - Middle School
Chris Royal - Middle School
Sami Tollison - Middle School
Matt O'Hearn - High School
Jessica Wills - High School 
Britney Acevedo - High School
Corey O'Brien - High School and District Purple Star Liaison 

We are honored to receive this designation and we look forward to continuing to serve our military-connected families!