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HTHS participates in "Movember"

If there was ever a time to embrace “Movember”, that time would be now! Hamilton Township High School teachers, Tyler Korbel and Tim Williard, have taken on the adventure of growing mustaches this November, and they’ve gotten some of their colleagues to join in.  

The concept started out as Mr. Korbel and Mr. Williard wanting to participate in “Movember”, and then it became a fun competition for HTHS teachers. The friendly competition quickly blossomed into a fundraiser to help those in need this holiday season. 

All of the proceeds from the “Movember” fundraiser are going towards the HTHS Holiday Help fund to provide for families in need within our district throughout this holiday season. The initial goal was to raise $100, but it only took HTHS students one day at lunch to blow past that goal. As of November 22, HTHS has raised over $1,300! 

“We just think it's an awesome example of how incredible the Ranger community is,” said Mr. Korbel. “I've been a Ranger since first grade, and every time I've ever seen something come up where the community needed to band together, it has done so. Once a Ranger, always a Ranger!” 

The competition is separated by grade level, and will continue through the end of November. Currently the Sophomore class is in first place, with Juniors in second, Freshmen in third, and the Seniors in last place.


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