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Return to EVERY DAY - Preschool FAQ

We are so excited to welcome our students back to the EVERY DAY model! We will do the best job we can to maintain social distancing expectations. We do encourage students to wear a face covering to school - this is not a requirement. If you have any questions, please call the Preschool at 614-491-8044 ext. 1240. 

For more information, view our Ranger Restart guide here: https://www.hamilton-local.k12.oh.us/restart.aspx

When will we return to EVERY DAY? 

  • Monday, March 22. This will also be the beginning of the 4th quarter. 

What will “EVERY DAY” be like? 

  • “EVERY DAY” means all students will have teacher-directed learning in classrooms. Students will attend school for full school days, five days/week. When we are in the EVERY DAY model, students will be at least three feet to the greatest extent possible.

  • 5x a week, students & staff with masks, safety protocols for classroom, food service, transportation. 

Will my student be able to stay in the fully Online model? 

  • Yes, for the 4th quarter of the 2020-2021 school year, students will be allowed to stay in the fully Online model.

What if I do not want my child to participate in the EVERY DAY model?

  • Your child can continue in the model they are in. For Preschool, your student is not required to attend school five days a week.  

What social distancing guidelines do students follow?

  • The ODH K-12 School Quarantine Guidelines allow a minimum of three feet of social distancing to the greatest extent possible. According to ODH, schools that maintain a minimum of three feet of social distancing are eligible for the modified quarantine and can continue to attend school.

What safety measures are being used on buses?  

  • Car riders, please remain in your car until 8:40am when the doors to the Preschool are open for All Day and AM Classes, and until 12:40pm for PM Classes. .

  • Bus Riders will use a separate entrance from the car riders when entering the building to limit exposure. 

  • If my child didn’t ride the bus during hybrid, can they ride the bus now that we are back full time? 

  • Yes, your child will be allowed to ride the bus. Please call transportation at 614-491-8044 ext. 1236.

  • Students riding the bus will not be required to wear a mask, however it is encouraged to wear one. 

  • All buses will be wiped down between each route. 

  • Fogging after all morning and afternoon routes have been completed. 

  • To allow for social distancing in the EVERY DAY operating model, we request that parents transport their child to school when possible. 

What measures are being put in place to protect student and staff health and safety?

Some of the mitigation efforts the District plans to implement during the EVERY DAY model are:

  • To the greatest extent possible, students will be spaced at least three feet apart.

  • Frequent hand-washing and sanitizing throughout the day and extensive cleaning after each school day. 

  • The District is also examining the use of large areas such as gyms and outdoor spaces to increase seating options for lunch.

  • Continued case investigation and contract tracing of every student and staff case.

  • Continuation of all existing precautions for extracurricular activities (masking, distancing, practice pods, etc.)

Will students and staff need to wear face coverings?

  • Preschool students are encouraged, but not required, to wear a mask. Staff is required to wear a mask. 

What will recess look like? 

  • Recess will follow social distancing requirements. 

  • Guided recess sessions will allow students to interact and be active in a safe environment.

  • Maintaining all safety precautions as needed. 

  • In case of inclement weather, recess will be held in the gym with masks on. 

What will gym classes look like? 

  • Students should be prepared for outdoor gym classes.

  • During inclement weather, buildings will make use of appropriate indoor spaces.

  • Masks will be required for indoor and outdoor classes. 

  • Same as recess - maintaining safety protocols. 

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