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The History of our Alma Mater, "Oh, Hamilton"

Article by Linda Dillman, President of the Hamilton Township Alumni Association

Ralph Juniper, in collaboration with Floyd Elliot, wrote the Hamilton Township High School Alma Mater in 1942. The section of the song regularly sung by alumni and students is actually the chorus of the composition. The music has its origins in the “Hamilton Victory March” whose tempo was slowed down to accommodate the song’s reverent nature.

The following is the entire Alma Mater:

Whenever fellow students gather ‘round you,
Send up a cheer for the Green and Gold.
No matter what the task you have to do,
Remember honor always to uphold.
We want the whole wide world to know about us,
And we are here to say that you will see,
Whenever Green and Gold goes into action,
The end for us is victory.

Oh, Hamilton, we love your Green and Gold.
Oh, Hamilton, we’re here to say,
We know you’ll fight ‘till you have victory,
And all your enemies have run away.
Our loyalty is yours forever more,
Our voices ring to you with loudest cheers.
And as you onward go to victory,
We’ll sing your name a thousand years.

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