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Schools Complete Required Safety Drills
Safety Drill Notification: HTHS, HIS, HES, and Pre-K successfully completed required safety drills today. HMS conducted a drill earlier this school year. We want to thank local emergency services from Hamilton Township, the Village of Obetz and Franklin County Sheriff for their assistance in completing these drills, and providing feedback to our team so we can make certain we are doing all that we can to protect our students and employees during safety situations.

If this was an actual emergency, our district would initiate messages to you via phone, website, and social media as quickly as information is made available.

If you aren't already, please follow us on Twitter: @HamiltonLocalSD
As parents/guardians, it is your responsibility to make certain your child(ren)'s emergency contact information is accurate in our student information system. You can contact your child's school main office to make certain your primary contact records are accurate. Call 614-491-8044 and follow the prompts to connect with our schools.