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District Implements Technology Fee To Provide ChromeBooks To Students

The Ohio Department of Education is mandating the use of technology in their testing requirements, but the state isn't providing increased funding for the purchase of computers for students to utilize in preparation for those assessments. In June, after evaluating the district's budget, the members of our Board of Education voted unanimously to approve a $25 technology fee for each student in grades 1-12 in an effort to help offset the cost of purchasing new ChromeBook equipment to be used in those grades at various times throughout the year.

“This fee will allow us to purchase more technology for our students to use this school year,” Hamilton Local Treasurer, Adam Collier shared. “The fee doesn’t cover all of our ChromeBook expenses, but it provides enough support that we can purchase additional technology. It costs our district around $75,000 for ChromeBooks annually, and the technology fee will generate approximately $68,000 each year to help offset the total purchase cost.”

With these additional funds, the district will have approximately 1,500 ChromeBooks in inventory to offer a two-to-one ratio with our students in grades 1-12.

“We are looking forward to utilizing more technology in our instruction, and we will be able to do that through the use of additional ChromeBooks & carts,” explained Hamilton Local Superintendent Bill Morrison. “There are only positives that can come from our students increasing their use of technology.”

The technology fee can be paid at the main office of each school (grades 1-12), in our district Treasurer’s office, or by using the EZPay system on our website.

PLEASE NOTE: EZPay is waiving the convenience fee throughout the month of August 2017 to give everyone an opportunity to pay fees or add funds to lunch accounts without occurring those charges on your transactions.