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HMS Spanish I
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Spanish 1 - Hamilton Middle School

Señora Morgan          smorgan@hlsd.org           614-491-8044 ext. 1816

Course Description: This high school level course is an introduction to the Spanish language and cultures that speak Spanish.  Basic thematic vocabulary and grammar are introduced with an emphasis on subject/verb/adjective agreement. Reading and listening materials in Spanish are presented throughout the course.  Writing complete sentences and short paragraphs is introduced at this level.  Speaking interactively in Spanish is acquired as the student poses and responds to directions and commands in Spanish and participates in communication exercises.  Culture (music, food, fashion, holidays, sports, society) and geography are presented throughout the year in readings, films, maps, & more.

Course Objective:  To increase your knowledge of the Spanish language and cultures that speak Spanish through writing, reading, listening, and speaking in the target language. 

Materials: Plan to use the following every day

  • Textbook—Realidades 1 (Provided in the classroom)
  • Practice workbook & WAVA (Writing, Audio, & Video Activities packets)

Note: Please pay your $20 Spanish course fee as soon as possible, as this pays for the workbook.

  • A physical or online Spanish-English & English-Spanish Dictionary (i.e. wordreference.com)
  • Pencils and pens
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • A binder with eight insertable tab dividers to organize all the assignments

Binder: At the front of the binder keep this syllabus and "Preguntas y frases para los estudiantes" 

Label eight insertable tab dividers and use them throughout the year to keep yourself organized:

            PE- Under this tab, you will keep your bell-work assignments

            Vocab- vocabulary sheets will go here

            Apuntes- This section is for notes

            Act- Put in-class activities here

            Notas- Put graded assignments here

            WAVAs- This section is for the Writing Audio Video Activities packets

            Hacer- This is the "to do" section

            Papel- Extra loose-leaf paper

Grades: Your quarter grade is calculated according to the Hamilton Township High School grading scale

Benchmark Progress                           65% (Retake assessments are not offered.)

Cumulative Benchmark Assessment     20% (CBA scores do not replace your quarter grade.)

Coursework                                       15% 

Late coursework will be accepted at the teacher's discretion: late homework will be accepted for half credit, and late projects and in-class assignments will be accepted with a 10% deduction for each day late. Graded assignments that have been passed back will no longer be accepted for credit.

Absence:  If you are absent, it is your responsibility as soon as you return to go to the absent folder to collect the materials you missed and ask a classmate for the notes you missed. At the top of any collected assignments, write “AUSENTE” and the date(s) you missed, and turn them into your period tray. You have one day for every day absent to complete missed assignments. 

Classroom Behavior and Expectations: All school-wide rules apply in my classroom. In addition, RESPECT:

Señora Morgan & Your Classmates

     1.         One person speaks at a time

     2.         Silence during individual activities

     3.         Respect others’ belongings

     4.         Respect others’ time:

  •             Only ask on-topic questions
  •             Do not ask that information be repeated—ask a classmate
  •             Ask to see your grade during advisory period

     5.         If I correct your behavior, react appropriately & fix it after the first request

     6.         Understand that people learn differently & at different levels


     7.         Attempt the work on your own using your notes before asking a question

     8.         Study—there are no retakes in this class!

     9.         Cheating or plagiarizing (including using online translators) will result in an automatic zero 

The Class

   10.         Follow the procedures:

  •             Sit in your seat before the bell rings
  •             Start the PE immediately
  •             I’ll start class with, “Hola Clase”. Respond “Hola Señora”
  •             I’ll dismiss you with “Adiós”

   11.         Use the restroom & sharpen your pencil before class

   12.         Bring the necessary materials & completed assignments

   13.         Be present & alert the entire class:

  •             Keep your head up
  •             Work bell to bell

   14.         Raise your hand:

  •             To answer or ask a question
  •             For permission to use materials or get out of your seat (you may not get out of your seat to throw trash away)

   15.         Water only in class

   16.         Cell phones should not be seen or heard

   17.         Keep your books & materials neatly under your desk

   18.         Clean up:

  •             Textbook underneath the desk
  •             Materials away neatly
  •             Do not throw anything

*Failure to follow any of the rules may result in a lunch detention or an extended day.

Classroom Jobs: Students can volunteer to have one of the following six classroom jobs:

Front Row Leader sits at the front of the row, collects & organizes papers, then puts them in the correct period tray. This student also controls the lights & answers the door

Materials Distributor & Collector distributes any papers or materials to students & collects materials at the end of class. This student makes sure that materials are organized before putting them away

Paper Returner knows where graded papers are located and returns them to their classmates

Secretary helps with attendance, answers the classroom phone, runs errands, and helps substitutes

Board Cleaner erases the white board at the end of class

Tech Gal or Guy is well versed in technology and can help classmates when we use technology in class

My Website: To access my school website, visit the HTHS website, click “Teacher Websites” from the yellow, left-hand column, look for "Señora Morgan", & click "HMS Spanish 1". The password is “morgan”.

Google Classroom: Assignments will be posted throughout the year in Google Classroom. Use this code to join my Google Classroom: k1i06j3

Remind101: A safe way for me to send reminders to students on their phones. All phone numbers are kept private; standard messaging rates apply. To receive text messages, text @sramorgan8 to 81010. To receive push notifications through the app go to the following link on your web browser:  rmd.at/sramorgan8
Class Downloads
The syllabus includes all expectations for Señora Morgan's Spanish - Level 1 class.
Vocabulary sheets for each chapter in order of study: Para Empezar - 6B
Download this 36-page recipe book when you're looking for a great dish or drink to make for your next fiesta!
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